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A contemporary ravine-edge backyard space, featuring an innovative Corten steel retaining wall.

Year Completed 2022
Services Patio, Retaining Wall, Gardens, Walkway


Design and execution

Engineering expertise meets functional and aesthetic design.

When we arrived at this St. Catharines property, we encountered a sloped backyard featuring a deteriorating timber retaining wall. The backyard lacked a substantial amenity area. Our solution involved the construction of a substantial Corten steel retaining wall, which demanded expert engineering and meticulous execution due to the slope's challenging nature. This newly leveled space served as a canvas for the creation of a porcelain tile patio and the implementation of modern design elements.



“Access to the backyard posed a challenge, as it could only be achieved through a sloped side yard, requiring careful maneuvering of the necessary equipment for this project.”

Devon Kleinjan
Landscape Architect, LandArt



Porcelain tile and Lion's Mane.

For the plantings, we selected contemporary textures and colours, incorporating plants in various shades of green, including boxwood and a beautiful lace lady tree. To maintain a modern look and feel throughout the space, we opted for sleek porcelain tile in the colour Porcea Greige. For the side walkway, we used the same tiles and installed Kota Black guillotined and precast steps to blend with the other elements.

To ensure a consistent color palette, we painted the existing deck black, bringing everything together seamlessly.

Backyard Privacy

“We installed Corten steel panels supported by concrete foundations. These were complemented by intermittently placed wood slatted features stained in dark hues to complement the Corten steel. This combination provides a unique and varied privacy to this open backyard.”

Richard Wynia
Owner, LandArt