Highland Park

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A traditional colonial English estate aesthetic meets modern masonry to create a tiered retreat.

Year Completed 2019
Services Pergola, Walkways, Water Feature, Patio


Traditional meets modern

Preserving historical stonework and architectural styles.

The owners of the home came to us with a vision: to build an oasis for their young children that could be enjoyed for generations while preserving the architectural integrity and historical features of their home. Many of the techniques we employed created a result that compliments the architectural style. For example, we made a coping stone with a profile that mimicked the moulding details on the exterior of the home.


“We completed a lot of the work in the winter which came with its challenges such as keeping material and sand from freezing as well as building and heating tarp structures in which to work. But I’m really proud of this project; I love the look of the tiered and angled stone walls in the back. There was a lot of hard work and attention to detail put into this project and I think it shows.”

Nick te Bokkel
Stone Masonry Foreman


Landscape and masonry features

Built from the past, built for the future.

We completed the construction in the back and designed and built the front. The landscaping was designed to tie in with some transitional elements such as the diagonal stones around the pool. There was an existing and very mature Wisteria located near the patio doors of the home, held in place with an undersized structure which had been collapsing over the doors. We built a new pergola, which we installed below the Wisteria before removing the existing pergola. Lifting the plant and structure opened up the back-patio doors of the home, transforming the view inside and out.

Finally, the original landscape had a water feature with a carved natural stone fountain. A car had crashed into the backyard, damaging the water feature. Our partner Select Stone Supply repaired the piece and we craned it into place as a functioning fountain at the side of the pool. 


“I love the walkway that goes from the garage to the patio. The mortared-in flagstone, the stone walls, and the aesthetic design all really came together well.”

Richard Wynia
Owner, LandArt