Success comes from process.

Collaborate. Create. Care. 

Step Ⅰ


From early designs to the very last stone.

The design process is an integral phase that allows us to hear the vision you have for your home. Fees for this process range from $1,500 to $6,500, depending on the scope of your project. As we meet with you over the span of a few weeks, planning, envisioning and refining, you get the chance to articulate your wish list, to see it come to life in the renderings and priced out in the budgets. We discuss the materials that are best suited and plan through the execution, carefully phasing the project in detail. All this is done to ensure the end result we build for you is beyond what you imagined. 

Included in your design fee:

  • A 2D blueprint of the project with 3 revisions
  • A conceptual video of the design in 3D
  • A detailed product catalogue specifying all materials 
  • A line-itemized price for every component in the design

Step Ⅱ


Building your unique outdoor experience.

Once you’ve approved the design, we start construction. This is where all the planning from the design phase pays off. We work through every season, planning accordingly. For instance, we’ll use heated tarps and continue construction through the winter months to save time and allow you to continue to enjoy your outdoors over the summer.

Your home is not a construction site and so we go above and beyond to keep it clean and livable, from non-smoking and language policies to our daily clean-up routines. You also have a project facilitator available to coordinate any concerns you might have.

Step Ⅲ


Maintaining your vision with personal concierge service.

Who could be better suited to care for your beautiful landscapes than the very hands that built them? The intimate knowledge we have, not only of your property but of the vision you have for your home, affords us the ability to provide personal concierge maintenance in a manner that is truly superior. We also offer flexible services that are entirely customizable to your needs.

Seasonal maintenance:

  • Spring clean-ups
  • Fall clean-ups
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Pressure-washing

Additional services:

  • Irrigation management
  • Pool management
  • Lawn care
  • Cleaning services
  • Seasonal lighting and planting
  • Vegetable garden maintenance
  • Seasonal urns and planters

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