Green Meadow

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A traditional English country home meets natural stone masonry techniques to create an outdoor space built to entertain.

Year Completed 2016
Services Driveway, Pool, Cabana, Patio


Wish list and design

Grapevine joints and colonnade interlock.

With their home in the finishing stages of construction, these homeowners reached out to us for a landscape plan that would include a driveway, a sports court, a pool and cabana, a vegetable garden and an ornamental orchard.

We worked closely with them and selected hardscape materials that tied in with the colours and textures found on the home. For the landscape features, we used the same natural stone that was on the front entrance and back patio. We also created accent walls and masonry features using the same brick, laid in the same pattern. The planting was very minimalist and almost transitional, with very little colour, focused on large specimen pieces spaded in throughout the property.


“The client had a Japanese Maple tree they were prepared to remove. Instead, we moved it 12 feet and aligned it with the large windows on the home overlooking the pool.”

Richard Wynia
Owner, Landart


Irrigation Innovation

A solution for water storage and distribution.

We had the opportunity to create a concept for water storage and re-distribution on the property. Working closely with the architect who designed the home as well as an engineering firm and a geotechnical engineer, we designed a cistern into the floor of the pool house. All the water from the sump lines and downspouts from the house and from the pool house are collected into the cistern. A pump then feeds the irrigation system, which waters all of the lawn and garden areas across the property.


“This was my first project with LandArt and it had so many moving parts. Seeing everything come together over time was a real privilege. I learned a lot from working on it, from the importance of implementing the right tools to proper planning to communicating as a team. These things all played a crucial role in producing a result that I'm so proud of.”

Theresa Wynia
Project Facilitator