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A craftsman style ranch aesthetic meets modern masonry and perennial gardens to create a tiered retreat.

Year Completed 2016
Services Patio, Walkways, Driveway


Wish list and design

Partnering with an architect.

These homeowners were in the early stages of construction for their home. The home’s architect was looking for someone who could design and build a new driveway, front entrance, walkways, patio, fencing, and plantings. Once they brought us on, we worked with them to achieve the vision for the property.


“The biggest challenge on this project was working in and around all of the mature trees on the site. We had to complete a lot of handwork around the trees to reduce damage and achieve the features we were looking for.”

Richard Wynia
Owner, Landart


Landscape and masonry features

Mondrian slab and perennial gardens.

The gardens were designed for the homeowner who had a real appreciation for gardening and was looking for variety and colour. The plants are all perennials which are relatively low maintenance while offering a wide variety of colours, heights, shapes and textures. For the hardscape, we used a Mondrian slab interlock for the main features and added a natural stone border for architectural detail.

From the Client

“They did a great job meeting our expectations and requirements and blended our landscaping into the existing landscape of the neighbourhood so our home truly looks like it belongs there despite being a new build in an older neighbourhood.”