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A magnificent cobblestone driveway horseshoes around to a modern French Chateau estate.

Year Completed 2018
Services Driveway, Flagstone Porches, Pool & Hot tub


Wish list and design

Highlight your home’s existing features.

These homeowners were looking for a comprehensive landscape plan for their newly completed custom home. They wanted an extensive driveway, a planting plan that would provide privacy in some key areas while accentuating the style of the home, as well as a pool, fire feature, hot tub, new stone entrances and a play centre on artificial turf. We provided a design that brought together all these items with a very specific colour palette which we repeated throughout different elements.


“This was a very difficult project to source materials for. We wanted to maintain the very simple colour palette so the landscape features would complement the architecture of the home and not take from it or fight against it.”

Richard Wynia
Owner, Landart


Landscape and masonry features

Jet black granite flagstone and saucer magnolia.

For the hardscape materials, we chose very simple textures and colours, limiting the ranges to black and grey in order to pick up on the palette of the home. The cobblestone circle inlay in front of the front door feels like a mosaic, accentuating and directing attention to the home’s entrance. We used jet black granite flagstone on the porches, pool copings, raised planter and window well copings. The pool deck and stepping stones were made of Hampton limestone and the driveway of a combination of limestone Brussels Block and Basalt Courtstone.

Featuring spruces, cedars, yews, hydrangeas and magnolias, the planting keeps with the same theme as the hardscape with very simple colours and shapes.


“All the different aspects of the project came together smoothly: the steps and patios, the armourstone retaining, the driveway and the planting… Quality construction is really evident in every aspect.”

Ian Dokter
Landscape Foreman