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A ranch home aesthetic meets rustic masonry techniques and seasonal plantings.

Year Completed 2019
Services Pergola, Driveway, NATURAL STONE STAIRS


Wish list and design

Retreat from the busyness of life.

This client reached out to us looking for a landscape plan for their yet-to-be-constructed home. They wanted a design prior to construction to ensure that design choices and layouts were thought through from the inside of the home to the outside. On their wishlist was to have a very large driveway. As they lived on a busy street, they wanted to be able to come and go with ease and accommodate guest parking for the events they hosted.


“The smell of Douglas Fir is so satisfying! Cutting all the various posts, beams, rafters and purlins sends a wonderful aroma into the crisp spring air. I felt great pride for the craftsmanship and beauty on display, as well as the teamwork that made it all happen.”

David Baartman
Carpentry Foreman, LandArt


Landscape and masonry features

Rustic masonry and colourful plantings.

The homeowner grew up around masonry as his father was a brick and stonemason. When designing the home, he was very specific about including unique masonry finishes. We matched the squeezed joints technique of the brick on the home (where the mortar is left protruding from the face, producing a rustic finish) by applying an “over grout” or “smeared” technique to the joints on the Lafitt stone.

For the planting, we introduced a lot of seasonal colour and interest. In the front yard, there are more structured and formal planting layouts whereas the backyard features large groupings with vivid colours for impact, along with small accent pieces.

The end result was an aesthetic from the masonry to the landscape that tied in with that of the home.

From the Client

“Richard and his crew completely transformed our backyard into a beautiful place where our family can enjoy spending time together.”