Maple Grove

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A cozy Cape Cod-style home updated with transitional and art-deco elements to create a countryside retreat.

Year Completed 2019
Services Front & Side Entrances, Walkways, Patio


Wish list and design

A traditional Cape-Cod home meets art deco.

After moving back to the countryside into a beautiful, spacious piece of land, these homeowners wanted to make their front and backyards stand out with walkways, gardens, raised planters, a patio and a barbecue surround. They came to us asking us to maintain a consistent look and feel while incorporating elements that reflected their own art deco and transitional style.


“One of the biggest challenges on this project was building the raised planters with a step product that wasn’t always consistent. Using shims helped us make everything level and straight and those planters turned out really well, blending perfectly with the house.”

Matthew Crossman
Landscape Foreman


Landscape and masonry features

The many faces of a Hampton limestone.

By using a single type of stone, the Hampton limestone, in many different applications, we were able to create and maintain a consistent look and feel. This allowed us more freedom to blend the hardscaping with the home while incorporating both transitional and art deco styles the client was fond of. The planting was also transitional, while still featuring a few splashes of loud, beautiful colour.


“We wanted the barbecue surround to feel like an interior feature, with clean lines and a waterfall finish on both sides. We also wanted to utilize the same Hampton limestone we used throughout the project to give the sensation that the feature flowed from the patio to the barbecue.”

Richard Wynia
Owner, LandArt