feature project:

Hillview Renovation

Last year, we completed a basement renovation for one of our past clients. The client frequently hosts guests and wanted to create an independent space for them to stay. They wanted to update the space while honoring the heritage of the home and create a flexible space, including a bedroom and kitchen area.

We used hexagon floor tiles in the hallway and kitchen to ensure that the two areas flowed together seamlessly.

One unique feature of the space is the natural stone wall in the kitchen, which is part of the original foundation of the home. To maintain the character, we bricked in an old window to match some of the existing brick features. Additionally, we performed some masonry work to touch up the wall.

In the bedroom, we installed deep window wells, necessary due to the thickness of the home's walls. The updated windows with darker frames modernize the space while preserving its historic charm.

In the flex room, which features a sitting area, gym space, and TV, we added a full-wall mirror. This room has lots of space to store workout equipment and can easily adapt to various uses.

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